Innovative Webcast to Educate Millions

Demonstrating the Power of Social Media
Today, in London, a webcast entitled, "Social Media: How Will PR Change?" is released for free viewings online. The long awaited webcast will show case different methodologies and strategies using social media and will educate those who want to know more about including social media into already existing media strategies.

Lena Brau , Head of Digital Communications says, "We are very excited about this webcast. We know that there are many people out there that have questions about social media, and we are happy to answer those questions." The webcast is a short five minute video explaining the advantages and usages of social media. Taking a simplistic approach, the webcast is sure to be easy to learn from and fun to watch.

Aimed at public relations professionals, but anyone wanting information about social media would be able to take away some good pointers, "We present the information in a way that anyone wanting information will find it useful," comments Jey Bernal , webcast producer, "We were able to reach out on a peer-to-peer level, using YouTube as a means of getting the webcast out to the public." Jey Public Relations is offering this webcast for free and can be viewed on YouTube , as well as on the company blog.

Notes to Editor
  • Social media sites like facebook, youtube, and myspace get a combined total of over 250 million visitors monthly.
  • Print newspaper distribution is down 7 million in the last 25 years.
  • Online newspapers are up 30 million in the last 5 years.
  • Internet traffic is growing at a 50-60% growth rate per year.
  • Social Media engages the consumer into two way communication and allows for the free flowing of ideas.
For additional information Contact the Press Officer: Jey Bernal +(44)7501861858

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